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Somtum Der is ready to excite people of Ho Chi Minh City with boldness of Isan food. It is the first time that Thai’s regional cuisine is brought to Vietnam. Thanaruek Laoraovirodge and Tran Dinh Huy embrace the ideas behind ASEAN Economic Community and join together to celebrate the diversity of culinary experience in Ho Chi Minh City.

Somtum Der (Bangkok) was found in 2012 by Thanaruek, Thai restaurateur, whose desire is to share the authenticity of regional cuisine from his hometown, Khon Kaen province of Thailand. He describes Somtum Der as a place “where real local recipes are available in a differentiated ambience.” The brand’s genuine spirit of Isan is reflected in every bit. Starting from the name of the restaurant, der is a common suffix widely used in Isan region. It indicates a warm invitation, which in the same time can be informative.

In 2013 Somtum Der ventured to New York City and introduced original taste of Isan food to New Yorkers and visitors. There, the restaurant is recognized by Michelin, French tire company, and is listed in Michelin Guide New York City 2016 for one-star Michelin.


Northeastern region in Thailand is commonly known as Isan. With its geographical location, the unique taste of Isan food is also influenced by both Vietnamese and Laotians. Popular Isan dishes like somtum (papaya salad), larb (minced meat spicy salad) and grilled dishes usually are offered in Thai restaurants around the world. Those lists are actually limited. But here at Somtum Der, Isan menu is extensive.

Food is served in proportionate portion in order for each table to enjoy a wide range of food as one of Somtum Der’s customers called “Isan style Tapas”. The highlight is somtum, which has a lot of variety. One of the most popular somtum is tum thai kai khem (papaya salad with salted egg). Other top dishes are larb pla duek (minced catfish spicy salad), sa pok kai tod der (deep fried chicken thigh), moo ping kati sod (grilled coconut milk marinated pork) and tom zap kradook on (pork knuckles spicy soup). Delicacy like pla ra (fermented fish) at Somtum Der is also a handmade product. Additionally, favorite central Thai menu like rice and noodle dishes are also offered.

With a casual dining in a comfortable surrounding Somtum Der is perfect for everyone who would like to relax and indulge themselves with delicious Isan food. It is a place where families and friends join together to experience the distinctive Thai cuisine.

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