Somtum Der
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Somtum Der engages customers by exposing them to traditional Isan ambience with a contemporary design scheme. Bold colors and patterns reflecting the utilitarian clothing and designs throughout Isan are used in tandem with the bold taste of the food. This is contrasted with the use of subtle colors like gray to create more balance. Abundant use of wood is also used to give a natural touch to the venue.

The central attraction is a somtum bar, an opened kitchen where every somtum dish is freshly prepared in our imported mortal and pestal. It is an energetic cooking experience that everyone can absorb. The decorations creatively embrace daily Isan craftsmanship, like the sticky rice steaming basket (huad) and fish traps (soom), which the team has turned into an unusual, yet functional, lighting installation. The walls are beautified by artworks made from traditional Isan loincloth (pa khao ma) and the hand painting telling the stories on Isan way of life and its exotic culture.

The tasty food at Somtum Der is accompanied by upbeat tunes from Zudrangma Records, a world-renowned Thai label in the alternative music industry, to go well with the fun and relaxing atmosphere. The music ranges from a new mix of traditional Isan music to funky Thai versions of famous 1960s tunes. A meal at Somtum Der is designed to not just fill your stomach for the day, but to fill your senses with the sounds, sights and culture of Isan. In addition to promising to provide the most authentic food, Somtum Der will also take diners through a brief journey to Isan.

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