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Somtum Der is ready to excite people of Ho Chi Minh City with boldness of Isan food. It is the first time that Thai’s regional cuisine is brought to Vietnam. Thanaruek Laoraovirodge and Tran Dinh Huy embrace the ideas behind ASEAN Economic Community and join together to celebrate the diversity of culinary experience in Ho Chi Minh City.
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Food is served in proportionate portion in order for each table to enjoy a wide range of food as one of Somtum Der’s customers called “Isan style Tapas”. The highlight is somtum, which has a lot of variety. One of the most popular somtum is tum thai kai khem (papaya salad with salted egg).
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Somtum Der engages customers by exposing them to traditional Isan ambience with a contemporary design scheme. Bold colors and patterns reflecting the utilitarian clothing and designs throughout Isan are used in tandem with the bold taste of the food. This is contrasted with the use of subtle colors like gray to create more balance. Abundant use of wood is also used to give a natural touch to the venue.
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